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General Electric

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Advocate Insiders

Advocate Cloud Computing is determining whether they should acquire a new technology -- RPA (Robotic Process Automation). They reached out to GT UCC to help evaluate if the acquisition of the technology is worthwhile. After initial client engagement, UCC student consultants segmented the process into four phases (Strategic evaluation, technical assessment, small-scale deployment, consolidation). The team worked closely with our client to clarify the goal, researched on the current status of the technology and used our specialty to develop a small sample of RPA technology.

Rothschild LLC

A team of four student consultants tackled on a challenging issue from a local real estate company- Rothschild LLC. The client company has been quite successful for the past 3 years and yet their bidding process is all done manually. The team utilized their intellectual capacity, specialties in data analysis and fast learning of fundamental financial concept to develop a automatic bidding tool that allow users to calculate what is the correct bidding price to get certain percentage of yield. The deliverable shortens the normal bidding process from 5 minutes to a matter of few seconds.

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The team worked with the product manager at GE to position GE products that are selling under expectation. The project spanned a total of two semesters with at least two hours dedicated to the project by each member per week. With exhaustive data collection and analysis in competitor product specification and client requirement, the team developed quantitative and qualitative recommendations for the product. The end result was later presented to the C-suite management of GE; the proposal not only gained recognition from the management team but also approval for future development.

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Two teams are currently working on separate projects with IBM: the financial statements projects and the receipt project. Both projects utilize OCR, or optical character recognition, in order to extract data from different document and image types. This is a technical consulting project, with teams developing proof-of-concepts of tools IBM can implement to help automate the business process.


The Pro Bono team will determine the direction of products in 3 main pillars (Shipping, Visibility and Data Integration, Reporting and Analytics). The team will assess the life cycle of current products and make recommendations on if UPS should introduce innovative new products, make improvements to current products and sunset products that are no longer profitable.

Deliverables: Portfolio management strategy, product roadmap